We understand the importance of innovation and professionalism

The Real Gold Group of Companies is a multifaceted corporation with a significant involvement in a number of industries, including construction, sugar production, visa issuing, and land rate collecting. We have established ourselves as a reputable name in each area we work in because we are dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our group consists of a number of subsidiaries, each of which specializes in a different industry and provides top-notch services. With a team of experts and innovators, we specialize in leveraging cutting-edge technologies and practices to drive positive change. Our multi-disciplinary approach combines scientific knowledge, business acumen and a profound understanding of the marine environment.

Through collaborative partnerships and stakeholder engagement, we work closely with governments, communities, NGOs, and industry leaders to develop and implement sustainable strategies in our vast business operations. We believe that working together, we can achieve a harmonious balance between socio-economic development and environmental conservation.

Our commitment extends beyond profit. We actively invest in research and development, supporting projects that enhance social and economic wellbeing. We also prioritize community empowerment, striving to create inclusive opportunities that benefit local economies and promote social well-being. Sustainability is also at the core of everything we do. We adhere to the highest environmental standards, implementing responsible practices to minimize our ecological footprint. Our transparent and ethical approach ensures that our stakeholders can trust in our commitment to a sustainable future.

Currently, we have our offices based in the Federal Republic of Somalia and in Kenya at Westlands.